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8 Fail-Safe Tips to Finding the Right Person for The Job

Picture this: You’re the employer looking to fill an open position. After months of searching, dozens of interviews and reviewing countless resumes, you’ve narrowed it down to a few potential candidates. How many times have you gone through this? Committing countless hours into this process is for good reason – hiring the wrong person can be a major inconvenience, as well as a potential waste of time and money.

Following these steps throughout your interview process will help ensure that you choose the right person for your team.

1. Determine if the candidate’s goals fit into the job description

When creating the job description, let them know what the job may look like in a few years.
Candidates love hearing that there’s potential for growth. Ask these questions in the interview:

● How do you fit into our growth plan?
● What is your three year plan?
● How will this job help you accomplish your goals?

2. Evaluate the candidate through their references

It’s tempting to skip over the vetting process; however, skimping on it can create problems down
the road. Before hiring, it is important that you understand how a potential candidate works and
who they are as a coworker and an employee. Beyond interviewing the reference, it is
recommended you check out their previous work.

3. Don’t focus on the past

It may sound like this contradicts what you were just told. While it’s important to thoroughly
screen potential candidates, don’t get stuck in going TOO deep. Shift the interview to focus on
how they would solve problems that may occur. Be sure to have open-ended questions that are
relevant to the position. Remember to hire on future potential, not just past achievements.

4. Think outside the box

Traditional face-to-face or virtual interviews may not represent the true candidate. Many people
get the jitters and don’t represent themselves as best as possible. On the other hand, you may
have someone who interviews well and is just that: a good interviewee. Get creative and add
tools to the interview process to really get to know the person.

5. Pay attention to questions

Good candidates come in with thoughtful questions. This shows preparedness and
engagement. However, think of the interview less as a question-answer session and more as a

6. Give hands-on work

Building a little hands-on work into your interview process is a great way to see a candidate in
action. This will help you get a clear sense of how they operate – how they process problems,
teamwork style, work ethic and so on.

7. Prioritize culture fit

In order to hire the perfect candidate, it is important that you first understand your own culture.
Ask yourself:

● What defines your company culture?
● What kind of workplace do you want?
● What traits do you value in your employees?

During the interview process, ask questions that will highlight what you’re looking for in a
candidate. A candidate may appear perfect on paper, but it’s important to find out other
qualifications such as their values and interpersonal skills.

8. Take your time

Don’t make a rush decision. Trying to hire someone as quickly as possible increases the
likelihood that you’ll wind up with someone who ultimately isn’t a great fit.

Going slowly with the hiring process helps to impress upon your current employees that you
prioritize selecting someone who truly meshes with your company culture and that you respect
them enough to hold out for the perfect person.